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Condrieu 2009 - Gold Medal in Chavanay
Condrieu 2010 - Silver medal Chavanay
Condrieu 2011 - gold medal in Chavanay
Condrieu Chatillon 2012 - Bronze medal in Chavanay

Condrieu Chatillon 2013 - Bronze medal in Chavanay
Condrieu 2014 - Silver medal Chavanay

Old vintage Condrieu Chatillon 2004 - Bronze medal in Chavanay (in 2014)
Côte Rôtie Maison Rouge 2012 - Bronze medal in Ampuis

Côte Chatillon:
Guide Hachette :
vintage 2014 - 1 star
Guide Gilbert et Gaillard : rated 91/100
Guide Robert Laffond : rated 97/100
- Ranked 11th best wines of France
- Best white wine from the Rhone Valley
- Fourth best white wine from France

On steep hillsides almost dizzying terraces called "chaillés" not allowing mechanization.
Two great terroirs, grown man's arm and wrist strength.

One of the rarest wines from French vineyards.
White wine, very pale yellow with golden hues and aromas of exceptional finesse.

Côte Bonnette / Côte Chatillon
The vine "Viognier exclusively."
Our vineyard in the heart of the appellation Condrieu Viognier hometown.
Its southern orientation gives him the chance to be aired and receive sunlight.
The soil on granite anatexis trend for the Bonnette Coast and biotite granite terroir for Côte Chatillon, stores the heat and drain the surplus rainfall.

Nectar in purple dress
The Syrah
The soil in most schist soils of the region.
A blonde side, giving a supple wine with character, located on the slopes of Bassenon, Tupin-Semons.
And Maison Rouge




Domaine MOUTON Père et Fils à Condrieu (69)


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